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Comment if you would like to be my friend. Make sure we have at least something in common. I only tell certain people all about my life now. Get used to it.


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FF Girls and Guys: Please only vote for ONE Survivor. Thank you

Poll #1036157 The Next Vanessa Survivor
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What Vanessa Survivor would you like to do next?

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PS7 Tutorial 10: Ferris Wheels feat. Cordelia & Angel

I'm in an art_battle with the most fantabulous graphic maker, moondancerjen and for our last volley, we're supposed to make an art piece with our favorite couple and write a tutorial on how to make it since we were following icon tutorials in the previous volleys by other artists to see if they translated well to bigger pieces. This is mine. Today, we will be making Ferris Wheels, as I like to call the piece, starring my favorite couple, Cordelia Chase & Angel of Angel and Buffy The Vampire Slayer.

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